Using a paper based visitors book?

Looking for a straight forward replacement?

VisitIN is the solution you've been looking for.

Why Choose VisitIN?

Visitor Arrival Alerts

Alerts are sent to the host when the visitor arrives.
Instant notifications.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Utilise the power of Microsoft Outlook.
VisitIN integrates with Microsoft Outlook enabling features such as appointments and meetings.

Low Cost Kiosk Device

The VisitIN App runs on Android so you are not limited to expensive devices.
Need to use a bigger screen? The App can also be installed on an windows pc using BlueStacks

Application Gallery

Booking the Visit

An Employee books the visit in
Microsoft Outlook

Visitor Greeting

Visitor taps the
'Visitor Check In' option

Visitor Selection

The visitor selects their name or email
address from the list and taps 'Alert'

Host Is Alerted

Instant notification alert
sent to the host. Your visitor has arrived!

Dashboard Control Panel

Top level Visit Overview.
Update your company logo etc.


Reporting Suite.
More reports coming soon.

More App Custom Settings

Colours & Fonts
Change the background and font colours on the VisitIN App.